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PanO - part one of probably two

A few years ago I picked up a number of Pan Oceania Infinity miniatures off ebay just for the fun of painting them as a sort of busman's holiday and have painted them bit by bit. These are now completed and because I have also painted some newer figures for customers I thought it was time to pop a blog on the website. This first part is just looking at my personal eclectic collection while later part(s) will look at the commercial examples.

FYI I am yet to play another human being at Infinity as my regular oppo is not interested and I am too lazy to drive more than 30 mins for a game! Having made my inexperience playing clear don't expect any game insights as this is just a leisurely stroll through my personal Pan O gallery in this blog.

So this is what the whole collection looks like - a bit like a futuristic Where's Wally? My favourite is without a doubt Jeanne d'Arc. The version below is from the Red Veil special set though quite why she was there i have no idea.

Within the army is a section of Neoterrans all with individual poses and from 2 different sets as far as i'm aware, with an added Auxilia and Auxbot. I believe these were sub optimal in N3 so assume they have been rebalanced in N4.

One of Two Swiss Guards in the collection - this one is bigger and more colourful than the smaller female version. Just like Peacocks...

Two different remotes - got to admit I know nothing here. They came on these size bases and assuming the previous owner knew more than me - not difficult - i just repainted them on same repainted bases.

Neoterrans again, girl in the middle is a hacker or alternatively making a good point...the old ones are the best ones.

Machinist and his bot - characterful figures with usual high quality Infinity faces. Having painted probably 100s of Infinity miniatures for various customers I can definitively state the sculpts have THE best faces of any miniatures range. Female faces are genuinely a pleasure to paint.

A Hexa - nice inside cloak not really visible here due to my taking a crap photo but it does have the hexes you would expect..

Fusiliers. These are classic Infinity miniatures, the most basic unit in the whole faction and just beautiful sculpts. The faces are a joy to paint and have character built in. The guy on the left looks like the old Action man that came with a beard (explorer?) which readers of a certain age will remember.

The guy on the right looks like a bruiser and the girl in the middle looks like Ms. Business no nonsense!

Neo terrans, no ideas what these guys are other than they are an upgrade to fusiliers and have weird red hats. I always think anything with a red hat needs to be better than those without a red hat and apply this principle to all my own miniatures. In my Goblin army elite goblins all have red hats such as the charioteers here

Aquila Guard I think. No real idea whether he is good in the game but has a big gun!.

Croc Man. Cool figure with tattoos. Would have been nice to go full Maori but beyond my skill level. Would love to have been able to do him justice.

Trauma Doc, cool dynamic pose which fits the role of the miniature. Sometimes these go full Sexy Nurse which is frankly both unnecessary and a bit worrying if they think female miniatures in wargames have to be pin ups - who are they catering for by doing that? However this again this one looks the job. Female but business.

Orc heavy infantry. I believe these are a sort of tool kit jack of all trades mini in game terms. In retrospect probably should have popped a decal on the shoulder - too late now as decal sheet lost in space.

And from the rear.

A Nisse sniper. This vaguely insect like mini cleverly captures the Preying Mantis vibe of a sniper i think.

A kali jet pack guy who with hindsight I would have painted with a maroon airborne beret colour instead of the green if I had been thinking. That would have been more appropriate and looked cooler.

Female Swiss Guard who is not my favourite Pan O mini as it took 3 attempts to get it right- ish. From this angle she looks really desperate for a tinkle and is running to the toilet! Can't win them all I suppose.

Father Knight, plenty of diagonal dynamism going on here... although his sword is a bit wobbly due to a fall. Probably some Christian analogy going on there but I am not going to pursue it. Suffice to say I was worried about the sword snapping as I straightened it so clearly did not push it!

I liked him enough to buy the decals though! When I painted him and the other knights I did not realise I would be painting many more Military Orders in the future.

That's all for now but I have lots more to cover in future if you are a fan of Sci Fi Catholics with swords !


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