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       Legiones - Ancients with a twist

Elements of Legiones Antiquitata

Legions Rules June 2023

Legiones Army Lists June 2023

Legiones Army Lists variants

Legiones Fantasy Army Lists (under test)

Plot cards 1 to 36

Tactical cards 1 to 36

Remaining Plot and Tactical cards

36" x 48" gaming mat - trademarked

Legiones spell cards

All materials here are obviously copyright but printing in order to provide feedback based on playing is encouraged. 

Design notes

Legiones was started in 2019 at the start of Covid as a game which could be played on Tabletop simulator. This meant using Hexes which was always my preference as I was burned out on any games needing rulers (bendy or otherwise!), measuring wheels of units and "the game of millimeters". I also wanted a game where people with any ancients army could - with no rebasing - use that army with the purchase or printing of a few fantasy elements. Nearly 4 years of testing later we are ready to release our work for wider testing as we are aware that no matter how many times we play there are situations and rules interactions we have never come up against. Additionally there is unconscious knowledge of rules gained through development which might not be clear to somebody coming to the rules for the first time.

A quick glance at the Army lists will show that we have taken a 'broad approach' to history and geography rather than a historical purist approach. This is designed to be a good game rather than any attempt at simulation and in any conflict between history or geography and cool then cool was always going to win.  In the attempt to create a good game you will quickly realise there is no downtime for either player. This is not an 'igo ugo' where you are a passive observer during your opponent's turn. There are constant decision points around every action which are tactical and resource management based. The wrong decision in either area will come back to bite you quite quickly!

Fantasy lists are currently in playtest development which will allow you to pit your Romans against Elves or Samurai against Atlanteans. Hopefully these might be ready for Summer 2023 as nothing in the rules will change  and it will be a matter of synchronising list strengths across the Ancients and Fantasy

If you want to play and give your opinions everything you require is downloadable above.

Feedback / corrections can be emailed directly to myself at

Thanks in advance.

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