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Reviews (started May 2021)





Absolutely wonderful guy running the studio who paints but but off. Super fast turn around, high quality work, excellent communication, and great packaging and shipping.


Never had a single issue.




First commission is my favorite painting service that I have ever used, wish I could move him to the US and save money on shipping. Cheers.

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US Customer 19/05/21

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Rate: Excellent

Like best: Fast turn around, superior table top standard. Really nice bloke who goes out of his way to offer a top service. Mrs First Commission does a great job on the return too, all safely packed and never squeezed in. I have been using First Commission for years and have never once regretted the choice.

How to improve: -

Would recommend: Yes

UK customer 20/05/21

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Rate: Excellent

Like best: Very great work, I really like it. It's very good on photos, but even better in the reality. Packing is excellent and I 've never received something damaged. Services are very serious and are on time.

How to improve: Keep everything as it is now.

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: I get the feeling feel that I 'm going to use "First commission" for a very long time. Thank you.

French customer 27/05/21

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Rate: Excellent

Like best: Honestly all round sensational work, completed a couple of MCP commissions recently for me - quality of work was outstanding, reasonably priced, great communication and all lovingly packaged back to me

How to improve: Difficult if im honest!

Would recommend: Yes

Anything to add: Nothing beyond, im getting ready to send my next commission lol!

UK customer June 2021

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