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Wyrd Games - home to Malifaux, a skirmish game set in an alternate earth setting circa 1906 with over 40 themed crews each playing with their own style and fluff. Interesting mechanics and objective choices add to the variety. active facebook page


Monolith Games - creators of Mythic Battles Pantheon, Batman Gotham City Chronicles and Conan board games. Fantastic miniatures and cool games.


Sideshow collectibles sell loads of stuff for Star Wars, Batman etc. Everything geek basically. Their website is a great source for painting and their youtube channel fascinating.


Angel Giraldez youtube site - invaluable

Heresybrush - taught me most of what i know through his videos and website
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Best game ever to be discontinued by a dumbass publisher (FFG). What were they thinking? Still hoping that they pull finger out of ass and redo a new set with a new set of recosted character cards for balance...

Commands and Colours Napoleonics - outstanding game and easily the best of the whole memoir 44/battlecry etc franchise. Own every expansion and will always buy more.
 Advanced Squad Leader, another great game that I am not great at. I do enjoy reading the batreps from Grumble Jones every week though.
Podcast about WW2 hosted by James Holland and Al Murray. Lots of expert guests giving diverse and interesting takes on literally every aspect of the conflict.
Podcast ranging over the entirety of history, covering topics as different as China (with Michael Wood) to the 1980s and History as entertainment. The other Holland brother plus Dominic Sandbrook and guests.
Fall of Civilisations Podcast - masterful series on the rise and fall of the great civilisations. Genuinely excellent throughout. Latest (#12) on The Inca.
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