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A smorgasbord of goblin goodness

As the proud owner of a 3d resin printer I am constantly tempted and amazed by thequantity and quantity of stl files available for literally any fantasy faction and many historical armies. This article will demostrate a variety of the files and companies I have used to put together my personal Goblins army for the ruleset Legiones Antiquitatas but the files are not tied to any ruleset and can be played with The Old World simply by popping on square bases. It also has a few GW bits included as many people will have them and they are one of the easiest to obtain off Ebay.

The painting style is not my usual commercial style as for myself I am much more interested in getting stuff on the table in a decent standard as quickly as possible so I use a speedypaint+ slapchop method whereby the main colours are all done using speedypaints from different ranges then tarted up normally.

Anyway for those who wish STLs there are literally dozens of quality producers making run of the mill line goblins. A quick look on myminifactory will reveal plenty in different styles. These are a mixture of Titanforge and Emang.

This guy I use as a captain or a Hero in Legiones. As a captain he can move larger units of lesser goblins around using his lower activation number and as a Hero he is more combat oriented. This particular chap is by Archvillain games who produce some of the best STLs around and whose ratmen make up the majority of my own ratmen army here

These Goblin bow are from the now defunct Emang site but If I were to print again I would use Highlands miniatures or for a more Moria style theprinting goes ever on I have had monthly patreons with both and they are quality minis.

Drummer - Titan Forge. I wanted a much bigger J Arthur Rank type drum but this was what i ended up with! Useful attached to a literal mob of rank and file goblins as will act as a Banner giving rerolls of 1s and 2s but also Frenzy allowing them to risk it all by rerolling ALL dice including success.

Prowlers or Sneaks

These Goblin sneaks or prowlers are used in my rules as Ambush pieces who are placed in concealing terrain after deployment. From there they can launch usually suicidal attacks on enemy characters or hold in place stopping enemy ambushers being placed in the terrain

I printed these a while ago and honestly cant remember if they are from the Lord of the Print Stls I have - which is a big range of Goblins - or Emang again. Either way Goblins on Spiders are common STLs and mine are skirmishers able to move through terrain and shoot poison arrows before legging it on all 8 legs.

An alternative 'light cavalry' analogue can be found in these Wolf Riders or possibly Warg Riders by Print my minis. I wasnt convinced by them on first printing but found they painted up nicely. They lack visible missile weapons but I assume they are under their cloaks so give them a non poisonous missile (unlike the Spider riding goblins) but also the ability to Evade a charge and to hit and run which the spiders also lack.

Goblin chariots from Titan Forge. Titan Forge are a producer I tend to dip in and out of on patreon as some months they have great minis that I definitely want and other months I dont. For about £10 for a patreon membership lasting a month you get all the models on offer that month and like all patreons its excellent value. As a bonus you also get a 50% off all previous minis so the patreon often pays for itself straight away.

My chariots with the scythed wheels and heavily armoured rats are used as historical scythed chariots, charged into a nice target where they get an attack then may self destruct by taking a free second attack after which they are removed. Not everyones play style but very Gobliny. The Goblins themselves get a red hat and a chariot ride at speed so are happy enough!

Fanatics - These particular guys are again Titan Forge who also do a fanatic swinging a squig but knowing my propensity to break things I did not think it worth printing. Maybe once I try ABS resin I will give it a go.

Fanatics GW

These are the GW version which have the benefit of being a great deal less fragile than 3d prints and are generally available on ebay which is always good.

Goblin King and Shaman. Both models by Titan Forge again. The king here is actually resized upwards to make him more impressive, approximately double normal goblin size. The Shaman has a minion to carry him around and a special fungi base from Asgard Rising who do nice bases.

Whilst here he is glorious astride his chariot providing more mobility and making him a more of a combat piece though not a kamikaze one like the previous charioteers. What he loses in the ability to evade he sort of gains with extra HP and the ability to reroll a defence die.

Shaman on foot - not his feet obviously!

Whilst this Shaman has actually reduced his mobility in exchange for a bit more protection atop his trusty snail. Another winner by Titan Forge. Again this is the sort of STL which shows that while GW may have got the ball rolling 3d designers have stepped up in GW's self imposed exile and really used their creativity to create new interesting takes.

GW Shaman - This is a lovelely GW model I have to say. He looks contemplative and poised which you dont expect in a goblin!

Totem - all the armies in Legiones have access to a totemic item which allows an adjacent Shaman/wizard etc the ability to reroll 1s and sometimes 2s. This Goblin force has the old GW tent thing from many years ago - from Skull Pass I think.

Here endeth part one. Part two will follow just as soon as I finish painting up a few more bits and will cover trolls, giants, artillery and other Goblin goodness.


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