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Painting update 7 - Infinity 0-12

Here is a recent Infinity 0-12 commission with the new Starmada stuff plus a few other bits and bobs

There is no tactical discussion here as not only have I never played 0-12 but I've not yet played Infinity as only acquired my own figures just before Covid hit...

Alpha team with light shotgun - not in Starmada or Wildfire

Starmada Kappa guy with HMG - looks a bit like a futuristic biker - just missing the bandana

Lawkeeper with multi pistol. Very Dredd especially the shoulder pad.

Beyond Wildfire Cuevo Goldstein with Boarding shotgun and cool shades for +3 on shooting..

Bronze, probably an acronym but not sure. This guy is significantly heftier than the rest so assume he has some heavy duty armour.

Delta unit Doctor, has a label with medic written on in case he forgets.....

This is not in Starmada or Wildfire

Comes with a Yudbot B

Another non starmada/wildfire pair. These are the engineer and bot from the support pack. I like this model and the other from the support pack.

Crusher from Starmada - boarding shotgun and a big knife.

Kappa from the Wildfire box, included to pay homage to whoever sculpts the faces. Without a doubt the faces, especially the female faces are the BEST on any miniatures anywhere.

A couple more Kappas from Wildfire...

Upgraded Kappa from Starmada with multi sniper rifle and standard sniper foot rest.

Bluecoat from the Naval Security Division with all the guns, this figure also reminds me of something from 2000AD back in the 1980s but i cant put my finger on it.

I think this is a Beta Trooper with multi rifle but Im not 100%

This is another Crusher, this time delivering a box of Milk Tray..

Cool remotes, not from the boxed sets. These are called copperbots I believe which is a nice reference to the Naval theme.

Saladin from Starmada, cool figure with excellent cloak and a strangely green sword.

More Copperbots with guns

And Saladin again. It might just be me but I think he has a Middle Easter look to his face without being a caracature.

Now this is a face! This is from the support pack and is a doctor and med bot.

Im currently working on some 28mm viking shield maidens also in metal but compared to this face masterpiece they have faces which are half human half potato. I know they probably took a few knocks fighting but compared to this face .... TBH they are more like the med bot!


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