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O-12 Space Police redux part deux

A new O-12 commission completed. This one being more recent included Starmada and the newer releases such as the Zeta so probably worth popping the pics on. Also customer wanted the nmm look as opposed to the tmm of my previous efforts. By good fortune I had actually built and started painting my own Starmada/action pack just beforehand so was able to get a running start.

Having painted Starmada before I was keen to get them sorted in their new NMM especially the Lawkeeper. I used the youtube video as a guide for the NMM with Dan copying Angel Giraldez so a copy of a copy...

I'm a big fan of Dan's videos where he uses the Vallejo paint sets although obviously I use an airbrush more than he does. His channel is The Tabletop Artist btw.

Starmada box - Some classic figures here starting with the Dredd like Lawkeeper. To be honest you cant go wrong with this mini its an instant classic and beautifully cast. The roadway base is a Micro Arts base b(as are all the bases) but the stencil is mine. I realised i could put part of O-12 on the roadway just to add a bit of value.

Also a classic figure is the new O12 Saladin. This figure has a sort of swirly dynamism packed into a fairly standard pose and as usual a really individualistic nicely cast face.

At the other end of the scale is this Kappa, no drop in quality just because its a rank and file infantry. This bald Kappa has tons of character. Certainly a veteran searching for a target, or maybe for his hair..

Bronze is another cool mini, though it reminds me of a slow toddler that has its name written on every item of clothing in case he loses it or cant remember who he is. I bet its on his gun somewhere "this gun belongs to Bronze"

Away from Starmada the O12 support pack is definitely on my must have list as both figures are great sculpts but the female doc is outstanding. As an aside all the tin cans on the bases are in 2 colours in this part of the Infinityverse, soft cola red and beer green!

Just saying...

Also enjoyable to paint is the Delta doc and his little friend. I'm not sure how these work if they para in as haven't actually played yet but if you know feel free to message/email me. The Medpack is easy to paint if you paint the pack as normal then gloss varnish. Once the varnish is dry use a thin white on a small brush and the power of science via capillary action to run the paint into the letters. Dab the surplus off the surface with a dry brush. Easy.

Next along are the three minis from the Alpha box for code one. These are the Psi cop, Razer and Lynx. I know nothing about these except the razer looks menacing and seems to have a mine in his hand and the Lynx looks sniperish.

Psi cop. (Is this Anderson?)



Last and definitely not least we have the mighty Zeta. This is an epic piece and having experience of GW metals over the years got my drill and greenstuff out ready to pin and fill for hours. Not a bit of it. Drill and greenstuff unused as the parts slid together with large areas of contact for strong glue contact and no gaps. Look and learn every other manufacturer.

So having now done 2 O12 jobs for others mine remain unpainted, looking at me from the bench. One day guys, one day....


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