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Haqqislam Ghulams step by step

Salam Alaikum.

Today's effort is all about painting up some of the lovely Haqqislam minis from Red Veil. I have already done the Yu Jing and they are painted up here .... in the Sci Fi gallery - along with the rest of the Infinity stuff I've done.

First step was to undercoat and I used a mix of Stynlrez black and brown in the ratio some black: some brown to get a dark brown base as all the colours used were going to be browns so this gave a natural shade to start.

Next up was to choose the airbrush areas, these are the bits where the qualities of the airbrush are going to shine, always cloaks and here the armour. The armour was painted using Cork Brown with increasing highlights of Dark Sand getting lighter at the top where would catch the light. It is purposely overly light as will be toned down later.

The cloaks were started in Chocolate brown then Flat Earth, and finished with Desert Yellow Flat Brown mix. This picture is over exposed but shows the smooth variation. in reality as you can see in later fotos the cloaks are darker - and the sniper gun less bendier!

At this point all the airbrush work is given a solid spray of Satin Varnish to protect it as airbrushing uses really thin coats which damage easily.

At this point I did forget to take snaps so a quick recap on the guy above. The Clothing was painted using English uniform mixed with German Camo Dark Brown first to get a solid dark contrasty base which would stay in the recesses. Then I used English Uniform and added Desert yellow to highlight trying to leave the dark in the recesses.

I also painted the faces in the mental lockdown failure to photograph period. For three of the four I used my usual Flat Brown / Cork Brown / Flat Flesh combo. This leaves it looking a tad flat but this is sorted later

The Sniper lady did not get the same flesh combo as she reminded me more of some of the tall elegant black women I remember seeing in Sudan when I worked there many years ago so her flesh was to be the Dark Brown with a tiny bit of black as base, then highlighted with some Flat Brown. I also put a purple wash on the geometric design of the cloak but this was a fail so i came back to this later...

Leather next and German Camo Dark Brown again was the base as is clear on the picture above which also shows the real colours of the cloak from the overexposed foto earlier.

Flat brown was the first highlight as can be seen on the figures above, then a bit of Orange Brown was mixed in for a bit more bite as can be seen below.

The picture above shows the effect of a very thinned down flesh wash over the whole figure just to tone down the chalky tones and warm up the flesh. I used airbrush thinner to thin the flesh wash as its more of a glaze at this point - Im not using to get contrast.

Where i felt it had lost a bit of contrast on the cream coloured armour i went back with the old Winsor and Newton size 1 and edge highlit with Dark Sand and Ivory.

Guns were all base painted black with initial broad highlights of Grey Green and the final highlights in Ivory. Looks messy when seen at 500% real size but is fine on the model.

Then it was time to tidy up the bits on the individual models, on the sniper lady There was a purple thing going on so I used Violet to base and then added Ivory to get highlights fixing the earlier wash error and then applying a thin purple wash to tone down highlights. Earring was gold obviously!

This guy is equipped with a Luftwaffe green headscarf which provides a unique blurring ability! The Luftwaffe green seems to be the green of choice within Haqqislam and I used it for the scarf and the backs of the boots to get a bit of a tie in with models yet to paint ie the big roboty looking one.

This lady turned out looking a bit cross, possibly because i decide no lipstick for her.


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