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World building - All the MCP terrain that has crossed my desk.

Since it's release MCP has been a staple of my commission work with customers across the world. I have many galleries on the website and in the 'newest pictures' section of the webby but they mainly show miniatures and it was while completing another terrain job I thought to put together a quick collection all in one place.

Completists will be upset that Hydra tank does not appear but I think that is the only thing I haven't painted and have done multiples of the regular terrain, even a few Dr Strange houses!

This Blog is really just an extended gallery but for those that are interested I rely on airbrushing both for minis and especially terrain and I think it suits MCP especially. I prime most stuff black but anything yellow or brown gets a brown primer. Everything is painted with Vallejo model colour paints using flow improver and occasionally thinner. The only exception is yellow where i use two thin coats despite the terrible bottles!

There is an attempt here to group terrain by type but it's not 100% effective! Starting with vehicles.

Petrol Pump from the new core set I believe

misplaced petrol pump wreck piece also new core...

yeah organisation went to hell here...original core terrain

Dumpsters, very American, dont see these much in the UK.

Binmen trucks from different jobs

The alternative truck build - not as good as the binwagon

Construction site - seems like good value to me.

The ill fated Roxxon quick change, wrecked by bloody Sentinels

And as soon as it gets rebuilt it gets trashed by Ultronettes...

Still always time for a Taco. Done a few of these and despite visiting San Francisco last year still no clue as to actual price of a taco..

The Brownstone buildings are very good and easy to build.

and Sanctum is also a cool feature but take care assembling as walls which appear identical are not and all fit very specifically. Check twice glue once.

No real idea what this is about but looks cool with airbrushing. Not sure it would without!

The big boy of the set, the quinjet. A surprisingly easy kit to assemble but I recommend using clamps to hold parts together. I have 6" and 12" clamps with rubber jaws and some cheap 1" clamps I got from Wilkos...sigh

Again, I cant imagine getting a good result without the airbrush on this beast. It's probably possible but you would have to be a far better painter than me.

Finally and not terrain as such but neither miniatures are the rulers. These were done pretty simply but you could spend more time on them if you had nothing better to paint!

And that's all folks. If I have missed something feel free to let me know on my FB page 1stcommissionpainting or email me at


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