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Shattered point

This is the first blog I have done which is more of a gallery, basically just a collection of pictures of all the miniatures from the Shatterpoint core box. The reasons for this are simple, firstly I am not an enormously knowledgeable about Star Wars and anything I say about the characters would be at best facile and at worst hopelessly wrong. Secondly one of my favourite games ever is Imperial Assault which was ditched in favour of Legions and now Shatterpoint, each time with a size increase in the miniatures for some reason....

Having said that when Asmodee UK asked me to paint up 5 core boxes in time for launch I decided to accept as there seemed to be more than enough time. As it turned out there was more than enough time as I worked intensively to get them finished, packed and shipped back to Asmodee UK for distribution before going to the USA to visit my eldest daughter on a short holiday. However the intensity did leave me a bit shattered!


Light sabres were painted pure white with several coats before using vallejo xpress paints thinned a tiny bit airbrushed on using cling film to protect the rest of the model.

501 Troopers

I use the Angel Giraldez white method - this starts with black primer, then field grey, deck tan and finally ivory. I also do a final white ink highlight through the airbrush. you can find the video here and on my blog here

All of the minis except the droids were easy to build much like the MCP plastics. There were mold lines on some parts but these were usually concealed. I missed a couple of lines which was annoying but in real life they were a lot less visible than in photographs where the lighting can make them very visible.


Ahsoka took the longest to paint due to the dark blue bits on her head! I also managed to stick one arm on backwards at first.


Metals are a quick TMM working up from vallejo manifold exhaust sprayed on then highlighted up to silver with the brush. A simple guide is here this is not expert level!


Simple OSL from the light sabre done using the airbrush, probably cheating but as the old saying goes If it's cheating and it works it's still cheating.


The droids were the trickiest miniatures to build as the contact points are very small. I found I had to assemble each leg and let it dry before doing the next then adding the arms / gun together.

Bo katan options

Bo Katans with various heads as i had no definitive reference as to hair colour. This is reflected in the slightly puzzled version who seems perplexed that she now is a blond.


The terrain parts were easy to build and lend themselves to simple paint jobs. Mine were deserty as they were to match with a deserty type mat - same reason for the base colours. Make sure you put the roof sections on the right way around. There is a designed modularity in the kits allowing many different set ups.

Gar Saxon alternatives

I built one of each variant for the photos so depending on which game store you were you got a variant I'm afraid. Which is best in game terms I have no idea. If there is a difference I am similarly clueless. My wife would say this is my default state so....

Kalani - 2 options

In real life the Kalani minis are greener than they appear here. The effect was produced by painting as if black with some seious light grey shading then glazing Green. I really like it though it does not show well here.

Red Commandos

Blue Mandalorian

Darth Maul

Voted "figure most likely to lose light sabre in shipping" by wife. In fairness the plastic is quite flexible so may be fine in normal use - butchering the opposition!

Rex - head options

As you can see the larger scale really lends itself to airbrushing and these would be painted in batches of 5s to try for consistency across the 5 boxes. I have not tried the game nor even read the rules but can recommend the figures without caveat. I look forward to painting the releases in future as they come to me over the next few months as i am sure this will be popular.


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