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Reichbusting 1 - A terrifying world made eviler some more

Ive been working on this KS commission of Reichbusters for most of January and have realised there is an absolute metric tonne of minis in here so will probably have to do a second part once i get on to the stuff beyond the base box and stretch goals box. Thought I'd start with the even more evil nazis which is some going really. These appear to be evil nazi science men and their creations/aberrations...

First up is a Nazi officer with a sort or viral pistol full of Vril. Vril is the macguffin of Reichbusters, a new science thing which has magical type powers. Anyway this chap has a pistol loaded with vials of it and a sword for some reason. Im not sure how he gets the sword in and out of the scabbard while holding the vril pistol (vristol?) or in fact how he gets the vristol back into the holster without some palaver but having said that he looks pretty cool

The second officer is further down th road on his vril adventure and doesnt look well. He appears to be reliant on a contant vril supply now and has some appendage problems. He reminds me of the Malifaux illuminated, people who have partaken of the brilliance and become warped.

A point to note here is that although these are obviously evil nazi science men all 3rd reich insignia has been removed from the set so the eagle becomes a similar looking pair of wings and all NSDAP symbols are replaced with similar but different iconography. Presumably this is to avoid sales issues in Germany but as the rest of the aesthetic screams evil nazis its basically window dressing/

Too much vril I'm guessing. This bad boy is an experiment apparently, success or failure I dont know? I like that the experiment is seriously aberrant but that they have put a bag on his head so as not to scare small children and puppies.

Another experiment in Vril, bigger and badder with an Alien coming from your innards vibe. Although in this case its more of an alien coming from a massive toothed mouth on another alien...

And for a final flourish I'm guessing something else will shoot from the dark hole between the tusks(?)

These boys are super soldiers, roided up on vril and armed will the latest sciencey tech - big hammers...They were going to give them ultrasonic vril powered machine guns but then the officer with the vril problem said "nah, lets go old school - big hammers"

and thats why he was left out of the design team for this bad boy. A dreadnoughty Vrilpanzer with the big machine gun. This obviously has some 30k/40k influence but is different enough in aesthetic to be cool. To be honest 40k has been designing stuff for so long now that its really difficult to come up with anything that doesn't have a 40k parallel so kudos for this boy. In another KS box there is a possessed alien hybrid version about 50% bigger - watch this space.

On a more human scale we have some sentry guys and some smaller quadruped insectoid things about whose role in the game i have no idea. They could be some sort of remote sensors, trackers or chasers.

These are remote sensor machine gun sentries and look exactly like what they should do. Massive gun, barrel of ammo and bingo! Shooting for days.

Literally no idea. They appear to be classic square-headed Germans from the war comics of my youth. The sensor array on the box where their head should be suggests sentries. They could be an man portable version of the late war infra red night fighting stuff the Germans were using in 1945 I suppose. That's what I went with anyway. I assumed the left arm was the IR searchlight while the head box was the sensor. I know IR is invisible but the idea of a glowy red searchlight was too good to pass and a chance to add more ominous red light.

Flamethrower remote sentries. I'm not convinced that these are a great idea but the vril officer had the brief on these and decided they were ideal for guarding the fuel dump and armoury.

Team square head on the prowl, or possibly about to start in on YMCA...

mutant vriled up dog things. Possibly the science men started on smaller animals like the soviet space programme before getting into humans. Scouting the local dog pounds and adopting lucky pups for their 'forever families'. From the left we have Shep, Rex, Fritz and Fluffy. Also a big Klaxon hor/Tannoy systemn whose role is unclear, possibly announcements at Scloss Evilsturm.

Minions section.

I believe this is a vril zombie whose job is to wander the Schloss menacingly and attacking anyone not in Faux Nazi regalia. There are lots in the boxes so I guess they probably arrive in classic zombie horde fashion as meat shields for the mentally aware.

There is loving your job and there is LOVING your job. This bad science man is on the wrong side of the line and needs help. This is a Vril container and Im pretty pleased with how they turned out. Not sure Health and Safety is a big thing in Schloss evil but at least the container has hazard stripes in case anyone forgets what they are dealing with.

Lastly for now we have classic 'Escape from Colditz' German guards with standard WW2 kit. Weirdly this guy has the right ammo pouches for his SMG but has also chosen to take the cute black rifle ammo pouches. He probably uses them to keep his bits and bobs in.

Nice pose and pretty well detailed for a pvc type figure though. In fact the entire range shows how quicly these 'game token' type figures have come very quickly. They are not Infinity/GW standard yet but are much better than they need to be and approaching the standard of the manufacturers just below Corvus Belli/Gw.

That is the lot for now but with loads left to paint I will pop another hopelessly ill informed and rambling blog up as soon as they are done. Auf Wiedersehen mwah mwah mwah!


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