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Painting update 6 - Ziterdes / Thomarillion Terrain

More foam terrain from Ziterdes/Thomarillion, A sort of ruined tower/stairway and a Dwarven fortress. These are great value and paint up nicely with an airbrush and a bit of drybrushing

This is the reverse or the obverse i suppose. Either way its a cool statue carved from the rock Mount Rushmore style. LOTR Gandalf again appears 'Wheres Wally' fashion for scale purposes. These were painted in the same fashion as the fortress described in more detail below.

Now the Dwarven Fortress. This is a big piece (Gandalf again in for scale) and costs about 100 Euros. There is plenty of detailing, especially around the base of the walls and it is all sharper than I would have imagined from foam. Below is the interior of the fortress with a Helm's Deep vibe or as a base for Warhammer Dwarves.

This wider view gives a good idea of the scale and also the consistency of the sculpt with the rock being part of the fortress and vice versa. I used black primer initially to spray in darker shadow areas before using a lighter coat of model air engine oil grey with a bit of ivory to get a slightly warm grey. Every stone in the walls and the upper paving was individually sprayed.

In the picture above you can see the upper parts of the wall stones highlighted ( with some randomers to make it more natural looking) and the coping stones modulated upwards with a tad more ivory in the mix.

Once I was happy with the walls I did a similar process with the pavers. With these the lighter area was always in the corner closest to the front of the building for consistency. Some were double highlighted as you can see to stay in the pattern but again just be a bit more natural.

The actual courtyard was treated differently with the paving being of a different style. I decided that these areas were to look more worn and added some cork brown to the mix and highlighted each paver centrally with some lighter and some darker to try and get a slightly aged look.

The decorations were done at a later stage and had a dark gunmetallic base colour. This was lightened in the more open areas of the designs. Then for the actual pretty bits Bronze with Flat Brown and a smidge of black was painted on then highlighted with the same bronze with a bit of silver.

However before this I went to work on the rock. This was mainly done by dry brushing with a big soft brush using various shades of grey depending on the position of the rockface but always lighter near the top and on horizontal bits/ledges. I'm not generally a fan of drybrushing but ideal here and to both cover the chalkiness of the process and to warm the entire model up i then sprayed evereywhere with a really thinned down layer of Flat Earth.

Really thinned with flow improver! If you can barely see the colour going on its right.

If you look closely you can see the areas which received several coats on the rocky path and the top of the keep, maybe also see around the bottom 1/3 of the outer walls.

Next up was the weathering. Didn't want to go overboard so i used pigments from Mig Ammo. A small amount dabbed on goes a long way. I use a variety of earthy colours, usually tucked in areas where i imagine dirt would naturally collect, Be careful not to add too much as once on its a bugger to remove neatly. Less is very much more.

Lastly it was vegetation time. I went fro a generally scrubby look with a dried out or evergreen look to reflect a harsh environment. The white flowers could be Edelweiss or Symbelmyne from LOTR. I didn't use red or any other bright colours as they would clash with the atmosphere.

I have no link to the company at all but I sent Thomas a pic and he has used it on the site which is nice.


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