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Painting update 8 - LOTR part 2 the evil doers!

The Evilers. I am now deep down this particular rabbit hole with little add ins being bought off Ebay on a regular basis so this selection is now just a part of the growing collection and there will definitely be further painting updates...

It's like this terrible dark power is compelling me to buy more stuff....

Talking of which here is the big bad himself, Sauron. While not the most dynamic of models there is plenty of detail but avoids the 40k problem of adding enough detail then adding more, and more.

The scale of the model is shown here where he stands by one of the nine and Grishnakh. In my LOTR world all the evils have brown tufts on their bases because they dont deserve nice green tufts

This Ringwraith is a classic for me as it has a simple but meaningful design, its in motion and the partly drawn sword makes it dynamic and gives a point of focus.

The empty cowl is another great feature, far more intimidating than a skeleton face, skull is the word i wanted there.

Team Bad Boy. the Ringwraith and some white hand uruk hai including Lurtz, a captain, Ugluk and a Berserker. All my officer class Uruks have slightly shiny armour whereas the rank and file have dark blacky brown.

Grima and Saruman but no palantir...I would have liked to see The Scouring of the Shire scenes rather than the sickly sad hobbits saying goodbye.

And below with his lieutenants

The start of some Uruk Pike in the darker edge highlighted colour rather than the metallic on the Captain.

Ugluk ( i think) "who's hungry?"

An Uruk fanatic, nice opportunity to paint Uruk skin without doing the whole individual bodybuilder muscle look.

"They have a Cave Troll". Painted this a couple of times as didnt like the more 'realistic' skin tone as it didnt look 'organic' enough. Pleased with the metal effect on the trident thing.

Last but not least we have Gollum/Smeagol who i cant put in with the goodies but doesnt quite fit with the Baddies. This version has him on a rock eating fish. I wanted to have a moonlit look and a pool so built up the edge of the base and used a transparent resin. The colours were desaturated a bit and the plant stems alao darkened so as to not be vivid. Not convinced it worked but still happy enough. Especially with the fish.

Thats all folks!

more to follow, wargs, goblins, more Uruks and a Ringwraith on a Fellbeast all in the queue.


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