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Nights Watch 2020 - A dark night illuminated a tiny bit

Following my blog about the mass of Free Folk I painted up this is a smaller, but more elite blog about the Men in Black who have to deal with the aliens north of The Wall...slightly mixing my universes there i think.

I painted the main Night Watch boxes for a customer in 2019 I think so 2020 was concerned with later releases I think. Here we have Ranger Trackers, Conscripts, Stone Throwers and Builder Crossbowmen

Ranger Trackers appear to be some sort of skirmishy light cavalry and as always look cool in the black leather with the white highlights. These are based to fit with customers previous Night's Watch. Painting black is about not actually painting much black, its all greys really and the shiny leather also gives a bit of contrast which you need. As you can see on the chap below there is literally no black other than the underneath of his cloak folds.

Next up are the conscripts who are much more of a 'come as you are' type of force. In the novels they are a rag tag and bobtail lot like Wellington's Peninsular Army - the lower edges of society and unlikely to be wearing bright colours.

This is my favourite as he has made an effort and has some black leather armour in the form of a studded jerkin type thing.

These Stone Throwers are great models. They are sort of a Mangonel / trebuchet hybrid but whatever I would buy these for any medieval army as the detal is great and they really look the job if not 100% accurate. the crew are equally good though I feel that rock is going to slip any second as their grips are tenuous. Im also not sure what they are doing with it as the machine is already loaded....

This strikes me as the ideal tool for dealing with a giant who stands still for a tad too long...

Finally in this brief review the Builder Crossbows. A solid set of minis but I dont think Ive ever seen crossbows with such long limbs. I assume this is because they are firing from basically the top of a massive wall and range is paramount. It could also be that I just dont know much about crossbows.

So that's all folks for Nights Watch. I'm hoping to get asked to do the 2nd characters pack at some point but for now my watch has ended...a bit


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