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Men of the West

Latest in an occasional trundle through Middle earth miniatures I have painted covers the goodies, Gondor and Rohan with the Elves to come in future. Dwarves are nowhere to be seen on the horizon (insert joke about size here,,,,) mainly as I dont have any. Mmmm maybe time to check Ebay.

A note on backgrounds. They have changed over the time I have been painting these boys - approximately 3 years. Shame on me

First up is King Aragorn in full Gondor armour on a barded horse

First up is King Aragorn in full Gondor armour on a barded horse, a horsemobile killing machine ready to slice and dice any and all evildoers with his big new sword. As i think on it I dont actually remember him doing much in this iteration in the films.

Here is he with Faramir riding into battle together just like they never did. To be honest i think selling faramir in full armour as a character was a bit cheeky as literally cant tell but on the other hand he can double as a captain I suppose.

Gondor panzer division - fully armoured knights with lance. I originally bought plastics then bought metals and sold the painted plastics. This might have been a mistake as its possible that this could be the one time that the plastics were better.

Faramir leading the knights to their doom in front of Minas Tirith. Never a sound tactic to charge buildings with knights. Especially buildings full of archers.. Nice banner though.

and cool shields..

Gondor infantry here, archers and a strange interloper acting as a captain of foot to help them target the correct unit. In my 'weird wars' rules (which we have been using lotr minis as test units during development) archers deployed with a captain get a bonus when shooting as a volley.

Similarly several units of the same type of infantry get to activate at once if a captain is present.

And so to Rohan and Theodred before he became Theodead at the start of The Two Towers. The Rohan figures are one of the best sets in the range with the plastic cavalry being especially good. The variety allows you to build as standard Rohan cavalry, Royal guard proxies or Horse archer types. All useful. Here we have Theo with two royal guard proxies in scale armour. I will add pennants at some point I think to make them even more obviously elite.

Painting the armour as leather on the firing bow figures gives a good representation of the typical horse archer. If i was to do these again i would lose all the shields like the guy on the right as it just requires a sharp blade to remove the nub that holds the shield.

Chainmail, axes and throwing spears make the bulk of the medium cavalry such as this guy below.

Theoden, an older picture as I dont actually have my own mounted Theoden...yet. Very cool barded horse. Would like a set of these for the Gondor Knights

Eomer in metal leading the Rohirrim. Again i prefer the plastic Eomer below but dont have that whereas i own two metal Eomers...

Plastic Eomers - nicer apart from the overly thick spear haft

One of the proxy Royal Guard closer up. With a pennant I'm happy with this.

Close up on the metal Eomer to finish. This was great back in 2001 and is still pretty good but has been improved on by the recent version.

Thats the lot for now but with Denethor, Faramir the Ranger, Boromir of Gondor and many others awaiting their turn in the painting line wont be the last time I will waste your time looking at pictures!


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