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LOTR Evil doers but moreso* - painting update 10ish

* apologies to Bleak Expectations for the Title robbery...

Latest update is a tour through the Kingdoms of Evilers, Moria, and Isengard starting with one of my favourite models the Balrog. Mine is the plastic version as I kept missing out on the Ebay metal versions so succumbed to the plastic version which was handily on sale at Wayland Games.

I tend to paint as close to the GW versions as possible but having painted some Mythic Battles flamy stuff recently I decided to go with the burning wings concept and put heat spots throughout the wing membranes. This is an easy job with an airbrush and I like the visual interest it adds.

Close up of his head and white hot interior with a bit of osl going on the inside of the horns - the whole idea is that he is literally made of fire given a form as it cools.

Next up is the King of the Goblins from The Hobbit range. A very cool model and here i wanted him as pale as possible without being completely white like one of those grub / worm type creatures that you see on nature programmes that live entirely in darkness. Unfortunately the photographs actually over emphasised this as there is more gradation and slight green and purple shades in real life that the camera has completely failed to pick up with it being light against a black background. Nevermind.

Goblins, thousands of them! well a few of them anyway. These were painted quickly to get them on the table as they are very small and literally not worth the effort in many ways. The Goblin Drum and Shaman are obvious conversions as I am too mean to pay the prices for the actual models!!

Goblin sword and spear with a plastic goblin on a rock to show he is a captain!

Goblin Bow with the same rock elevated captain. In my Goblin force all you need to be a captain is a rock...

Lastly the goblin shaman and drummers, the shaman is an obvious warhammer Night Goblin but the drummers were normal goblins until their plastic surgery..the drum is a barrel with a GS skin.

Uruk Hai - really nice models to paint and part of my ongoing Isengard panzer division with Armoured Trolls, crossbowmen, pikes and warg riders all at the command of Saruman

I've painted the white hand somewhere on every figure which i think looks quite cool.

Recent additions are the Crossbow Artillery regiment - these are the finecast rather than the metal unfortunately but as they came in an Ebay lot I wasn't going to just be a total metal snob (even though i am a bit!)

The Recon unit in the Panzer division is provided by the Warg riders - again plastic rather than the better metal ones.

rumble...rumble here comes the heavy metal - in every sense. An armoured troll. If you've ever owned one you will know this baby needs pinning for the arm to stay at 90 degrees!

The next installment of my painting odyssey through Middle Earth will be probably be a recap of the good lovely nice side once I finish a few more Elves.


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