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Infamous - Captain Zipp crew

A recent and very enjoyable commission from a USA customer, Captain Zipp and the Infamous crew plus a few extra bits as you can see in the Team Photo below. This blog is not a tactical guide for two reasons, firstly I don't play and have never played against Bayou. Secondly I'm genuinely rubbish at Malifaux so completely unable to give any advice beyond be lucky with cards. Instead it will be a stroll through the gallery with commentary.

First up the ever popular Gracie and her pet. I've painted a few Gracies now but always a pleasure never a chore as the face has been sculpted so brilliantly. She looks put upon but patient. Burt Im not so keen on his sculpt - something not quite right about his face, even for a gremlin.

Quite proud of the teapot here. Thought i would be a smart arse and make a sort of visual link back to Burt and his relationship with Ten Thunders. The Mandarin is supposed to say 'Grace' though I've probably murdered it...

Burt again with his lower jaw so far out he could be a Hapsburg emperor...

Charles V Hapsburg Emperor

Next up the Bayou smugglers straight out of Deliverance. And talking of dodgy breeding practices the female with the red hat has a face which seems to have gremlin like features, so much so I was tempted to paint her green. In the end I just gave her a Maga hat.

Akaname - no they aren't part of the infamous keyword, nor Versatile but obviously good for some cunning plans. Went with a paler version than the Poo brown version which is more common.

The first of the Keyword, Mancha Roja and the Wrastler boys. These were done properly vibrant to reflect their showbusiness status. They are meant to be larger than life and I tried to go with that in the colours.

This is my favourite picture as the hapless gremlin is about to be hurled like a hammer out of the circle into the swamp.

This guy has a Captain America gone bad vibe.

More out of keyword with whisky golems and a flamethrower. I sometimes wonder if the miniature designer thinks about how the finished figure is meant to be based. The barrel on the extreme right is balanced on one wheel and in its original state had less than 1mm x 1mm in contact with the base! Ridiculous.

Merris and the flying Circus. Merris is a cool mini and looking at her stats seems pretty good in game terms as well. The pigs I have no idea but they arent insignificant so enough of them would be really annoying with bombs in belly upgrade.

Finally the core box, here we have Zipp, Earl Burns and the First Mate.

First up, Zipp and his Zap Gun

Zipp seems to me a very independent master and has so much on the front of his card that I would just never remember what he could do. I suspect I would misuse him terribly and be the hopeless case that just dropped pianos everywhere..

The First Mate - also obviously a Silurid with an anchor. Rule 1 in Malifaux is avoid animals with weapons. The only thing more dangerous than a Silurid with an anchor is a tiger with a machine gun - probably coming in the Explorers faction....

Earl Burns - My name is Earl... still one of my favourite shows inexplicably cancelled. Here is presumablya more intelligent version as he has tools and isnt getting hit by a car. However he is once again let down by Wyrds non belief in Gravity and a lack of proper contact points with the ground. Learn from Infinity Wyrd!

And the Apex creatures of the defying gravity movement - Iron skeeters. Wyrd went the extra mile here as there are literally no contact points which can attach to the tiny 40mm bases but also no fling base poles provided. Outstanding design. On the upside I had heard they were tricky to assemble but they were actualy fine. The riders were harder than the skeeters.

I painted riders and skeeters separately as the skeeters were sprayed using a couple of colour shift paints, a green purple for the body and a red gold on the wings. For some reason to do with science I imagine, the colours always come out far duller and without the shift effect in photographs but IRL they look really cool.

The bases throughout are some home cast that I made for another commission ages ago which combine marshy and planky. On the skeeter bases i added a couple of resin bits from greenstuffworld aztecs as i felt they fitted.

Thats the end of my saunter through the Bayou for now so as the Bard once wrote "exit stage left pursued by a bear"


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