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Aliens de-nicifying the world again - Reichbusters 3

The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one or more...and yet here they are in Schloss Evildom. I think this should be a film series like Avengers as it has virtually all the key elements of what for me make a great movie. In no particular order these classic elements are explosions, zombies, aliens, weird science, pretty girls, dinosaurs and fighting. All the great films have most of these such as Pacific Rim and Aliens versus Cowboys, whilst loser films such as Parasite or Lady Bird completely forgo them.

Here we have a classic alien boss as well, some form of symbiotic human-alien-Megamind complete with third eye and probably a fish in a jar minion ready to bring terror to Metrocity with 'speiiiiders' Arachnus Deathakus. A really cool sculpt and a pleasure to paint. This should be available to buy in plastic or resin to do it full justice.

"I make bad look so good"

Less Megamind and more Tyranidish are the other big aliens which are more your average bulgy headed claws and tendrils gribblies. Decent but not as cool as the boss. The Artwork in the book has an internal light effect which I have repeated here though in a less dramatic form.

This guy does have a menace about him, not sure if it is the pose or the multiple eyes but he looks like he is evaluating you in a sort of pre strike manner.

These guys with the General are I presume some forms of juveniles and are inventive sculpts. They only come in one pose each but in the context of this being a boxed game and needing to keep costs down that is fine and they are nice. The wheelchair bound General is another great sculpt and I will post more pics of 'The Desert box' in future.

Penultimately we have the beat of the whole Kickstarter a Vril Panzer expanded augmented beyond the possible presumably with Alien shenanigans and by evil Nazi sciencemen. This guy is enormous as shown by the size of the 28mm Nazi Science Lady alongside. I have no idea whether its even a genuinely playable piece or a shelf decoration but its pretty cool.

and here is his smaller brother, a definitely alien vrilpanzer. Definitely possibly alien. It has more gribble than the other 2 standard Vrilpanzers so i'm going with alien. As such its green rather than Feldgrau or Panzergrau which is how i have painted the other unalien Vrilpanzers

Nice view of the rear of the model with the Vrilpower cannisters with are a constant motif on all the evil nazi sculpts. Also some nice armour plating and a massive arse which is required to power any sort of movement I imagine.

They came from somewhere else and it seems like it was unpleasant. wherever it was I'm guessing this portal business had something to do with it and the 4 armed three quarters of an octopus was probably in charge. The hexonazi is a bit strange as he has dinky human arms as well as massive alien arms.

I think there is enough left in the photostack for one more dip in the toxic ocean of Reichbusters at some point in the future.


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