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"You cant live without Lawyers and you certainly can't die without them..." - the Lucius Elite Crew

One game under my belt with these boys and a bit of a thrashing by Rasputina 6-3 not in my favour. In retrospect a bubble crew against the "Ice Pillar Killer" with no scheme marker strats was probably not a great choice but at least they looked cool whilst losing and some lessons learned.

Lesson one, Lucius needs to take a few soulstones and avoid getting attacked by a Cerberus turn 2. This is a recipe for dead Lucius served on a bed of humiliation with a side salad of WTF. At 10 hit point I hadn't realised that he was so squishy. Serene countenance was not enough against a focused cerberus that leapt and onslaughted with good cards in hand against my less than good hand. Lucius was ambushed and went down to some ice mirror shananigans straight after. RIP Lucius, taken from us too early...literally

One of the things I enjoy about this crew is the 18th century aesthetic, frock coats and waistcoats are long overdue a come back and if my wife would let me I would wear this style every day, including wig. In fairness I dont have flowing locks so a wig would improve things.

Guild lawyers - I took one of these guys in my crew and turns out he was useful. Impassioned defence on agent 46 to bang 2 shielding on him and then obeying him into attacking Raspy was nice. I was thinking of taking 2 for the nice obey but then i realised there are only 6 cards in the pack (9-13) that can trigger the obey apart from the RJ so between 2 lawyers I would be lucky to get use from them. Tools for the job does make it easier to set up the obey if you are cleverer than me. RIP guild lawyer, squished by an ice golem.....

Agent 46, Motm from my side. Like Messi in the current Barca side he played an absolute blinder being obeyed hither and thither including into Raspy where he popped 10 damage in 2 attacks. If i had chosen the available assassinate scheme I would have been laughing. Obviously I didnt as i hadnt realised the power of inhuman physiology pregame. Basically having him doing his own attacks then being obeyed by Lucius, Lawyer and the Changeling combined with pouncing strike when possible will have this bad boy pinging around like a whirling dervish. (cultural note - I once saw the actual Dervishes doing the whole whirling business in a religious state outside Khartoum back in the mid 1980s and nobody was at all stabbed or hurt at all)

Alan Reid - or as I like to think of him 'Taggart'! Although instead of solving murders when the guy comes along and says "There's been a Murder" this Taggart will reply "I know, I did it". Younger readers may wish to check out Taggart on youtube

Probably a useful take however in this game he spent most of it in a deeply personal battle with ice pillars and a search for the strap somebody has stolen from his bag.

Guild investigators. Carpet man is one of my favourite figures ever and I took him entirely on the basis of his rolled carpet. In a scheme marker heavy pool this would be a really useful mini but as neither of us had much reason to be dropping scheme markers he was much diminished in value especially as like his boss he was ice pillared into simply wandering around attempting to get within garrote range of anything, something...

As an aside I was in two minds about the carpet, on the one hand the temptation to paint a nice Edwardian rug design was strong as obviously if you were going to use a rug to conceal and carry a body you would flip the carpet to avoid staining the design side. On the other hand this body appears to be leaky so in my head it was rolled up in whatever rug it fell on. In this case the rug was already ruined so no point flipping the rug.

False witnesses. very cool thematic figures which will reappear when i do the Newsy crew waiting patiently in their 2ed box. Again one of these was in the crew but with no real reason to be popping schemes She was reduced to putting out the no cheat bubble and putting adversary on the Ice Golem to help out a bit. In the end i did score claim jump and flipped the centre marker in Turf War with her so not entirely useless.

In fairness I picked her mainly because I was pleased with the shawl colours/pattern....

Lastly, one of the creepiest models in a system where creepy is baked in, the Changeling. Drafted over from my Neverborn and rebased to fit this little guy was actually very useful and would have been even moreso except for the untimely death of Lucius. He was able to copy agent 46 attack profile once to despatch the wendigo, pulled Agent 46 out of an annoying engagement and also obeyed the false witness into position to flip the centre marker. All whilst holding his face in his hand.

Sadly I do not have the Doppleganger model. This wont stop me from using almost any model as a proxy in games but for this photo tour I decided just popping any model in and saying it was a doppelganger would be pushing the limits a bit.

Extra pics for completeness


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