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Painting update 1 - GW Lord of the Rings part 1

Decided that the process of uploading pictures on a regular basis to the 'rolling page' isn't working as its too much effort loading to the bottom of a page so instead I'm going to try and do a quick weekly update here on the blog where i can also comment..

There is some backlog though so for a while i will be posting things painted some time ago until the timelines merge. Its probably best if I do the backlog thematically rather than chronologically so I will be starting with GW Lord of the Rings.

I don't play LOTR but since a visit to Warhammer World many years ago where I saw the models in the flesh I have always been impressed by the quality. As a result I have collected a small number, mainly metals, and have been asked to paint more by customers. As a result it is an eclectic mix with an emphasis on the characters rather than the rank and file. This blog entry will look at the Good guys starting with the fellowship.

Pippin, my favourite hobbit who goes through the adventure blithely and with an eye on the next meal. my favourite part of the whole trilogy is when he knocks the skeleton down the well in Moria alerting the Goblins - we've all been there in some way.

Sam. My least favourite character apart from Denethor. I wouldn't go down to the shops with Sam never mind Mount Doom

Merry below....the slightly less hopeless one from Dumb and Dumber hobbits

Aragorn from the three hunters set rather than the actual Fellowship. Mean and moody and frankly who can blame him.

Gimli - not made for long distance... Probably not for sprints either to be honest. Hammer throw?

Gandalf the Grey - stunning sculpt looking like the actual actor. It remains a mystery to me why wizards as powerful as Gandalf seem to spend most of their time hitting people with a big wooden stick rather than fireballing their enemies. Or turning them into frogs.

Frodo, another amazing sculpt which not only looks like the actor but looks like the ring is already getting to him. Bit of an OSL from sting here.

Boromir in his little boy blue pose. Orcs in the meadows and trolls in the corn. Shield on his back in case somebody shoots arrows at him from behind...

The Elves - too cool to fight

Galadriel, the scariest part of the trilogy when she goes all crazy ethereal. looking at this model I may have to go back and sort the eyes as they are themselves a bit crazy wide like shes just seen Gimli's arse.

Elrond, also a good likeness and the slicey dicey samurai pose justifies the slightly overdone eyes on this one. Ill leave this one.

Haldir, just a great piece. I am disappointed in myself that I haven't done as good a job as this deserves. My daughter cried when he got killed even though he had barely a minute of screen time beforehand.

Arwen - I have the sculpt where she looks like a crazy hippie who fell out the ugly tree. I'm looking out for an updated version....


The Anglo Saxon cavalry boys (and girl).

And starting with the lady we have Eowyn who spends alot of time swooning over Aragorn but then turns into a killer when push turns to shove. This is a mini which shows how women warriors should be done. She wears the same armour as the men but has a recognisably female face. None of the ridiculously sexualised fantasy trope here.

The Eowyn I was sent to paint comes with Merry from Return of the King and Merry's shield is a joy, a filigree horse motif.

And in the mounted form they slide together seamlessly.

Theodred, or Theodead as I call him as his screen time involves him lying mortally wounded while Eowyn pulls an "Oh my god face" looking at his hideous wound. Still here he is in happier pre death days (always happier) with his dad Theoden. this is another knockout sculpt with Bernard Hill visible in every line. He had come a long way since Yosser Hughes ...

And here on an earlier version I painted a couple of years ago. Great leather horse armour here GW.

These are also from some years ago and are Rohan guys who have mislaid there horses and are forced to fight on foot, archers above and below are the numpties who have lost both horses and bows.

These are plastics and still hold up well despite being 20 years old. GW really hit it out the park with this range.

Apart from the finecast.... Literally nobody ever went to war even in fantasy with a poke around the corner spear, bendy arrows or casually strangling an Orc. Cant win them all I guess.

Odds and sods

Ent - This is a big old lump of metal and needed alot of gap filling. It looks really nice in real life but I cant get a decent photograph for the life of me. This is about the best and still is washed out.

Also due to the angle of treebeards face you cant see his eyes (which are ok in this pic!). He appears to be scanning the ground directly in front of him in case he trips on a root.....

Gandalf and Pippin newer releases in plastic. These fit together beautifully but the facial relationships to the original film characters is not as good as with the original metals. Nothing wrong with that as they may look more like the book versions!

Next time I'll bash through the baddies I have painted and by the time I get to part three I will have hopefully done Gollum, the Goblin King, a Fell Beast, the King of the dead and a few more bits waiting in the box.


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