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"Of the Elves, of the stars, of trees, and the gentle fall of the bright year in the woods"

A quick flit through the elven glades of my own LOTR Elven miniatures with regrets for the miniatures I dont own...


I do not own a great many elves unfortunately and no Galadhrim miniatures at all sadly but the miniatures that i have are almost the essence of elfiness. They are elegant and aloof, slim and gracesfu. The sculptors have captured Elvishness entirely. In the Galadriel above there is nothing flashy or overdone but captures the quality of stillness we saw in the film. I wish I had owned the scary Galadriel but no such luck.

Gil Galad is another classic mini which reminds me of a sort of Kung Fu master in the instant before the choppy chop. I want to redo the haft on this which is a bit of a dogs dinner - it may be a miscast but its as if there is filigree there but not quite there on this model. Maybe lost in the stripping down.

Gil Galad and his boys

One of the less effective of the Elven casts is unfortunately Elrond. It looks like the actor but the pose is a bit too Seven Samurai and in fact he has played on my tabletop as a proxy Samurai.

Here he is with his elves who are keyed to his robes as Gil Galads' are to his for no reason other than I like the look.

Haldir is one of my favourite sculpts and is an absolute spitting image of the actor. As I still own no Galadhrim he is teamed with the sneaky Wood Elves in my collection as below.

I decided to mix and match my wood Elves and do some in Autumn colours and some in Spring/Summer. The bases were then obviously matched to the season. It's an idea i saw in WD about 20 years ago and it stuck. I was going to do winter as well but ran out of elves, as you do.

Last and for me least is the fellowship Legolas. Not a fan of this mini for some reason. I think its the way he is holding the bow, or perhaps the very static legs apart stance. Whatever it is there is something lacking in the animation of this Legolas.

Sadly that's all the elves on the shelves!

Next time a short article about Dwarves....


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