Theodead - Lord of the Rings - back from the dead

This is a reblogging of an earlier blog whose pictures were bodged by Wix....

Updated: May 31

Theodred, son of Theoden does not have a big part in The Two Towers. He plays an almost corpse, then an actual corpse and screen time is less than a minute with obviously no speaking. The best bit of his appearance is when Eowyn pulls back the sheet to look at the wound and pulls a face no patient ever wants to see on the face of their doctor/nurse...

Nonetheless here we have Theodred prince of Rohan in happier, more actually alive times, doing swordplay and galloping around. So here is how I went about painting him. As always all paints are Vallejo model colour unless specifically called out.

First up was priming with black enamel spray then dark brown stynlrez primer. Normally I use stynlrez black but in the belief that the armour was brown leather like that of Theoden I went Brown...

So having realised my error I popped a wash of nuln oil over them just to darken and delineate a bit as can be seen below. I resprayed the horse black.

Next was the metallics. I have a pretty standard method here by which i paint black, then a very dark sort of gunmetal made of black and a bit of aluminium, then highlight up with increasing aluminium. The swords are done with a two brush method whereby i put aluminium about a quarter of the length of the weapon with one brush then smooth it down towards the dark end with a second brush.

You can see the highlight effect on the scales here. if parts end up too shiny or with not enough contrast in the shade areas a black wash to the necessary areas sorts it out.

The base colour for the armour was german extra dark green as can be seen below. This is a solid colour and covers any stray silver quickly.

This was then lightened with military green though not too much as you want the later colours to stand out so highlighting up to a sort of medium green would result in a jarring effect i think.

The armour edges were painted first with burnt red then lightened with some vermillion. Again i didnt go brighter as the gold was going on next. for the gold i use one of my few GW paints - Retributor gold. I always mix it initially with flat brown or even german dark brown as a base. Here i could have done myself a favour by gloss varnishing the armour and then pin washing in the gold mix. Obviously as a paid up member of the idiot society I went hard mode and painted it in with my trusty winsor and newton size 1.

The pic below shows after the gold has been highlighted up with the addition of a bit of aluminium.

The Browns went in next starting as usual with German dark brown as the leather here was to be highlighted up through flat brown and then flat brown with some orange brown. The faces were painted flat brown as this is the base for almost all the flesh i paint.

The faces were painted up using mixes from flat brown through cork brown to flat flesh and lastly flesh with ivory for last highlights.

I couldn't remember what Theodred's hair colour was but on the GW site he's blonde like Theoden and Eowyn, so blonde it is. I use flat earth as the base then move up through desert yellow to dark sand for the brightest areas on the top of the head and strands on clothing. Black leather gloved finger were edged in grey and general tidying up done.

The base was finished off in my usual method described in my blog imaginatively named "Basic Basing" tagged below and a tuft of white flowers from war-painter off ebay added to the base to represent Symbelyne - foreshadowing his fate!

Family photo from happier pre death days!