The Dark Side

Having just been to see the final Star Wars film and really enjoyed it I thought i'd return to one of my favourite games for a new blog entry, Star Wars Imperial Assault. IA is a great game and I was disappointed that Fantasy Flight decided to stop producing new content. and switch over to Legion. Presumably the world needed another tabletop miniatures wargame.....

However accepting that nobody cares (or should care) what I think here are a few of the goodies available in the core box for IA Imperialists.

Needing no introduction Vader was originally a double attack Brutality killer with 2 red and a yellow dice. This was really strong early on in the game but at 18 points and move 4 quickly got left behind as pierce could really hurt him alongside a lack of white dice dodges. This was fixed by the release of his driven by Hatred upgrade which reduced his cost by 5 points and replaced Brutality with an end of turn ability to move 2 extra spaces and do a second slightly weaker attack, This brought him out into the light....dark again. I am about to paint my own Vader and will be doing the light sabre a lighter red osl i think. It will hopefully stay straighter this time after the hot/cold water treatment

Stormtroopers, thousands of 'em. Lots anyway. White used to be a tricky colour for me and these were not my favourite part of this job. The Pauldrons are different colours in the event of more than one squad being used at a time. Stormtroopers are obviously not big hitters but at 2 points a model they can easily earn their points back just by queue shooting and benefiting from the squad training reroll. If you are using the IA continuity project cards

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then two new attachments make stormtroopers more effective while a reduction in the Elite Stormtrooper cost from 9 to 7 makes them viable. The grenadier card is my favourite with these boys near the start when things are bunched up.

E-web Engineers. Almost useless in the original IA and still useless.

Imperial officers are good. I did them in German Field Grey for this job but when I do my own (eventually) I'm going more bling. One will be in space navy dark blue and the other in tropical whites. The ability to move a friendly unit within 3 spaces (with the free advanced comms attachment - see IA continuity) or to interrupt and shoot with a friendly eg an AT-ST, helps them punch above. with a white defence die and a cower reroll also annoyingly difficult to remove.

Royal guards.

No. Not good enough damage output. red yellow and pierce 1 - just don't cut the mustard for me

Royal Guard Champion. Was even worse than the Royal Guard at 15 points! Now priced at 10 with a respectable 3 dice attack and brutality is again valid especially with some Brawler cards. Moving 6 and with Pierce 2 I'm happy to draw him nowadays in the random draw 40 point version that we play.

Probe Droids. Another unit I've never been able to get value from. The Elite version is a point cheaper in IA continuity now at 5 points and has a 3 dice attack so it might just be me being rubbish.

AT-ST. Another great mini that never saw the table as was both over-costed and underwhelming in combat. Unable to attack figures adjacent and with only one big attack it just wasn't worth the 14 points. Now costed at 11 (12 with the attachment) it can now choose to fire twice in a turn or take an extra move. Suddenly really good. Combine this with an elite officer and you can be shooting 3 times a turn.....

This one was painted in German Panzer Grey and I used decals from 40k and some WW2 models to give it a bit of visual interest - same with General Weiss below.

General Weiss. Another great vehicle model but General Weiss is way smaller than every other miniature in the game so looks a tad odd in comparison. Weiss was similarly unused before IA continuity as he was 16 points with the same problems offset by being able to choose dice in his attack pool and for some reason able to see and shoot things by his feet! Now coming in at a still hefty 13 he is valid again. he can get the same upgrade attachment allowing extra boom or movement but retains the ability to order any two friendly units on the board to take a move even out of line of sight. This is way cool and now with the extra move or shoot choice brings himself and the other big boys back into play.

To conclude. Imperial Assault is a great game and FFG are idiots to stop supporting it. Support does continue though from the players with Season 3 changes just up for use here

Also before I forget I did a similar review of the Rebels from wave 1 in the 'Old blog' section here