Scarface - no not the Al Pacino one

In a recent commission I was asked to paint not one but Two Tags, Scarface and a Szalamandra. I thought I would take the opportunity to do a walkthrough on how i paint these big boys to show that there is nothing to be frightened of.

First step is priming. After washing and assembling i always spray an enamel primer on metal or resin minis, plastics I only use an acrylic primer. Here after the grey enamel primer i airbrushed over a black acrylic primer.

As Scar face is largely green this is where the bulk of the work is going and a coat or two of VMC Military green went on first as the shadow colour. As you can see it goes everywhere as I need speed as well as looks!

From here we start highlighting with VMC US uniform green and then adding in increasing amounts of VMC dunkelgelb dark yellow (which is a bit greeny) and finally a bit of VMC ice yellow for the top highlights.

Upper sides of each 'plate' receive the highlighting leaving the military Green in the lowest/underside areas. At this point its up to you how far apart you want your darkest/lightest areas in terms of tone/contrast. I prefer a smoother transition but more contrast is also as valid.

Next up the orange bits. These wont work over the green, orange and yellow need a white undercoat so those areas to be orange are now sprayed wite. On this model this is easy as you can cover the areas you dont want white by blocking with your thumb or by angling the model so the spray avoids the already painted areas. When this isnt possible i use Tamiya masking as i have had bad experiences with masking fluid....

In the picture below you can see how the white areas have confused my phone camera!

The first orange used here was VMC Orange brown which was successively highlighted with VGC scrofulous brown and Yellow Ochre and flat yellow. There isnt actually any Orange as such.

This is the final coat and the light effect isnt the actual light falling on the model it is the usual ice yellow highlight carefully added to the top area again

Once the spraying is complete I always pop a couple of coats of matt or satin varnish on to protect the work below. This lets you brush away any later mistakes without wrecking the delicate airbrush work. Then its time to reinstate black everywhere by brush as rapidly as possible.

Edge highlighting is now the main event using a winsor and newton size 1. I did the black first but the green armour was also edged with a lighter version of itself later as well.

By this point its almost good to go. I gloss varnish the whole thing after painting the sword in my usual metallic technique

The gloss is necessary as the base for decals. To make the decals disappear into the paint I use micro set and micro sol, the latter needed on the curved area to soften the decals into place. I used a selection of Soviet style decals here.

As any WW2 buffs will recognise Scarface is now a member of a Soviet Guards Army..

And that is it really. As a sort of PS the recipient asked that Scarface recieved a bit of wear as apparently in the lore he is a bit of a tough guy. This was added after the initial photographs as you can see below. This was done with the old sponge and highlight method that I learned from the master Heresybrush.

Hopefully this shows that painting Tags is not that tricky, what you need to remember is that Size doesn't matter its what you do with it...



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