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Painting update 4 - Hoffman crew, Malifaux.

Finally finished painting up a Hoffman Crew I bought off Ebay at the beginning of the year. I have tried to paint a figure or two every couple of weekends and have enjoyed working up my armour painting technique to the point where i can get a decent looking result pretty quick with no drybrushing.

Here is the full Team Hoffman plus extras

The man himself Charles Hoffman. Really cool backstory going on with Hoff which is explored in Breachside Broadcast. His move to Arcanism(?) is also interesting.

The Hoffman Bros, Charles and Ryle. I know Ryle is now Dead Man's Hand but great mini and part of the story.

The bases are all railway style. I made these for my Mei Feng crew and having scratch built them then made molds so I can cast any number up whenever I want them. Useful.

Joss now a floaty Arcanist since Ramos' departure. I played against a Hoffman crew that had Joss and used the widely mocked Joss Toss tactic against my Rasputina to launch him at Raspy as a cruise missile with his irreducible damage and loaded for bear with power tokens. Came within 2 points of killing Raspy and although ultimately unsuccessful sucked up a huge number of my activations to deal with.

Hoff and the Mechanical Attendant Totem. pleased with the armour on this one. I also have the mobile toolkit for the crew but its possibly the worst Malifaux model ever so have not photographed it.

Another Ramos refugee, Howard Langston. Cool.

This is not a Malifaux model, it is Infamy Miniatures Futura standing in for the as yet unreleased Melissa KORE. Shes a big girl and painted red so nobody can confuse her with any other proxy!

Decals from WW" tanks as I have literally thousands of spares from AFV commissions.

Peacemaker. Bad Boy.

I was going for a slightly scuffed armour here with a less smooth finish.

Warden with Superman cloak. went with half and half as will sometimes be turning out for Guild and sometimes Arcanists. Also looks good.

Wardens with electro ceramic blades...or somesuch. In case I put out 2 I again went Guild/Arcanist colours to differentiate.

Two Hunters which didnt look good until painted but then look like they are actually tracking down prey. I was going for a Tiger look with the stripey one but not sure it worked. Looks ok but more Tigger then Tiger.

A man (ish) and his dog (ish)

Watchers - hard to photograph but i like the barrel as a base.

Size comparison! Also after taking photo i realised the guardian was on the wrong size base.



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