painting update 3 - Batman

A quick ramble through the Knight miniatures Joker minis I have painted to date. In no particular order are minis from the new 3rd edition core box, the Jared Leto crew and the second edition Batbox. Of these my favourites are the Leto box set which are all metals. Eyeball, Panda and Goat Priest are just brilliant miniatures.

Jared - limited tattoos as less is more i think.

Eyeball man.

Goat head priest - great mask

The Grins, cool suits.

The 3rd Edition core box comes with these two corkers, a Joker Diorama and a Harley Quinn mini diorama. Despite appearances the Joker was the easier to build as the Harly mini had too much of the buttery soft rubber resin which i do not like. I'm sure there are good commercial/possibly environmental reasons for using this material but it is hopeless for minis.

Chainsaw loony guy - here I am demonstrating my incredible freehand abilities with the numbers. In as much as i freehandedly applied a ww2 tank decal!

Same here, the decal is a WW2 number, some people might call this cheating and good luck to them!

The material fail runt of the litter came with lots of flash which is hideous to remove without a laser beam scalpel. You can see the damage on his left upper arm. Smoking and rubber flash kill.

The hardest model to paint and give character to. All that distinguished him is his Joker mask really. Still a decent hoodlum although im not sure why he is wearing a belt but is still showing his undies.

Team Numpty

Another material fail which needed alot of filling. In retrospect I probably should have added some lighter green to the camo blotches. lesson learned.

I dont always paint eyes but this crazy axe man needed big wide nutjob eyesto go with his shouty mouth ( and big angry Axe!)

Family photo...

Family photo of the earlier Batbox crew which i wrote about here

Thats all for Batman at the moment but I have the Batman core box crew completed and both League of Assassins and Mercs ready for painting....sometime...