Malifaux - Rasputina

Rasputina and her crew, or as much of it as i have. I would like an ice dancer for completeness but hey ho not available at the moment. Rasputina as i understand it is an ex gulag inmate who killed her baby daughter and was transported to Malifaux. Subsequently becoming possessed by a sort of demon called December and taking over a female cannibal cult based in the mountains. A bit like a way.

In Malifaux the game her thing is ice pillars which she puts out as tactical actions and with the right suits can bung out quite a few creating a network whereby she can cast damage spells via the ice pillars. Placement of ice pillars can create real headaches for opponents as they block movement for non flyers and can really choke in an opponent, especially those on 50mm bases. Placed within an inch of an opponent's figure forces them to discard a card or become slow. anyone can destroy a pillar but it takes an action and two pillars placed one behind the other in a narrow lane just kills movement and wastes activations. Rasputina usually moves to be within 2" of pillars as personal bodyguards. when she takes damage she can pass it to a pillar.

The Wendigo seen above converted from its original ridiculous 'carry a victim wherever i go pose' looks cool and can with luck also bash out an ice pillar but needs a decent card and a suit. he can though move really fast and i use him for hold up their forces moving him 12" from nowhere to engaged at end of turn.

An auto include for me is the Blessed of December which has everything. Hard to kill, leap, decent damage and either critical strike for 3/5/7 or onslaught with the right cards, 5" move and a 4" move at the end of the phase. As a result it also has a giant bullseye attached to its head and needs to look before it leaps. Also usually making the cut in all my Arcanist lists is the Mecharachnid for its Precise ability giving anti armour, anti hard to wound, anti hard to kill etc shenanigans. It moves quickly and with the upgrade giving an extra card each turn its often 'man of the match'.

Need more ice pillars then Silent ones are your go to, they also have a useful heal and importantly are attuned so can use soul stones if you remember! Not so sure about the December Acolytes as havent used them or had them used against me yet, the pre game deployment and the abilty to shift enemies during combat sound good but at a point more than a silent one I'm not sure.

Snowstorm came to me vis Ebay withthe Silent one removed which I think was a good idea by someone. A bit of sculpting with greenstuff and a repaint results in both figures being usable. Snowstorm is a Henchman and has a useful anti shooting bubble but doesnt hit as hard as you would hope. I would have thought min 3 at least but no. He does get to give extra movement to the ice golem and ice gamins but often warms the bench more than he should.

Ice golem (and gamin). I like the Ice Golem even though he is really slow. In corner deployment forget it but in wedge or flank he can get to the centre and be slugging t2. He has flurry so far the price of a card he can be moving 8" and still hit twice at 3/4/6. If Raspy or a Silent one puts an ice pillar near the victim the activation before that becomes 5/6/8. This has so far been beyond my capabilities but its there for better players...almost everyone in that subset.

Ice gamin ive never used but i like the models.

I enjoy playing and playing against Raspy. There are not too many moving parts and no gotchas. The theme is cool and the models look great. I have no idea if she is competitive in 3rd edition and frankly dont care. Go female cannibal cult!