Knock knock...JSIII coming through - step by step painting guide / painting update 9

The JSIII just missed WW2. Apparently some were en route for the front when Germany surrendered so saw no combat but were prominently on display in the parades which followed as a message to the Western Allies not to get any ideas.

This painting guide goes through the basic steps of painting up this beast of a tank from Warlord.

First up stynlrez black primer as above. The next steps below take the basic 4B0 and first darken it to go inthe shadows and then successively lighten it. There are modulation sets you can buy to do this but I just add little bits aof Dark sand to lighten up step by step.

This is the finished modulation with lighter areas at the top of each surface and along the crest of the curves. You can go further with the contrast and then pull it back with filters but i tend to stick to a less contrasty style as it can get a bit 40k with too much contrast.

At this point i varnish with a couple of coats of satin varnish just to protect what ive done as its difficult to retouch modulated stuff without a redo. I then use an enamal wash to shadow the panels etc. This is just a matter of painting on the enal wash around the edge od panels etc and then tidying up with a clean brush with thinners. Make sure you varnish before doing this, it runs into the edges better and cleans up way easier. you can see the effect clearly on the fuel tanks and side panels below. In 15mm I would do a bit of fine edge highting to get a visual contrast but I dont like the effect in 28mm scale except on 3 colour tanks.

This model was not going to be heavily weathered as its not been in combat, some light chipping and some track dirt would be all. The tracks are started with burnt umber as below,

The roadwheels were painted German Grey around the rims and the outer disk and then all edges and tracks drybrushed with a silvery colour as below.

Pigments are then added. I have plenty of variety from the AK and mig ranges and basically randomly pop different colours across the whole track assembly. The area above the spikey wheel at the back gets a good dusting as dirt always seems to be thrown up onto here by the tracks. Sealed with pigment fixer and once dry a bit of silver drybrushing to make it visually attractive.

Chipping was done with the usual sponge method as demonstrated by lots of better painters than me. You can see a few on the side panels above and to the left of the guards banner and on the hatch edge below. The initial dark chips are made with Chipping colour or more often nowadays a mix of german camo dark brown with a bit of flat brown. Then as Heresybrush demonstrates brilliantly on his site the edges are highlighted with Dark Sand

Decals obviously added by this point on top of a little gloss varnish to help the decal set disappear the edges.

Crewman and HMG added last so as to not be in the way. Fuel stains on petrol tanks also added and headlight painted.

Clearly you could improve on this in lots of ways if it was a proper 'for display' model but for a decent quality wargames model at a good price that,s all that's happening!!