Just like you...rapid mimicry

Just this week I was asked for the first time in several years of commission painting to paint up a D&D miniature. The mini in question being a Mimic and its quite a large miniature being about 10cm tall i guess - including tongue! It looks like a 3d print and i have no idea of the manufacture (rpg prints?) but it came to me clean of flash or 3d bits so I popped it into the rota and decided to take some snaps.

Step one is always stynlrez black undercoat which always comes out looking grey in mobile phone photos. I like stynlrez because it doesn't clog the airbrush and stays stuck to plastic or resin. Mtals i still always prime with enamal spray before the stynlrez.

Using Vallejo model colors as usual i started inside out with the organics. first burnt red, then vermillion then vermillion with scarlet to get some nice blending. A thin wash of red shading was then popped over to give a bit more density to the colours.

The wooden panels were the sprayed with german camo brown, flat earth then finally highlighted with desert yellow - earth mix.. As the teeth were going to be based on this colour i did these as well to save time later. Black was also sprayed on the ends of the teeth in preparation for later.

Next up the head (?). customer requested dark grey which weirdly is the base colour you really cant see here as the camera has lightened it. This was then highlighted with a lighter grey- purple mix to give the head some body...

The customer had also asked for brass metal around the edges of the chest. Here i used gw retributor gold mixed with vallejo black and flat brown. gw gold covers well and mixes with anything i think. after applying i washed some dark brown over it before reinstating with a brighter version of the original mix. upwards facing areas and the edges of damaged bits then got a highlight of same but mixed with silver.

I also popped the white for the eyes in then washed over with yellow and finally popped a bit of yellow brown in the corners.

The horn bumps on the head in the picture below got the same treatment as the teeth but by brush as could not spray them without masking off areas and this would take too long...

This picture above shows the teeth nicely as you can see the narrow lines painted vertically down the teeth to blend the light base with the dark tip. what you cant see well is that there is an intermediate stage of flat earth lines under the desert yellow lines which makes it smoother. I think there is a name for this in art restoration but have no idea what it is.

You can also see the white dot highlight in the eye i put in as this looks cool once the eye is gloss varnished.

Varnishing was 2 step. Matt for the head and wood with gloss for the rest, the mouth/tongue getting a good dose for impact.

Hopefully this has been of some use to somebody.....