Holding out for a hero

Cheesy 1980s title aside I thought i'd take a quick run through the heroes and heroine of core Mythic battles - Achilles, Atalanta, Hercules, Leonidas and Ulysses

Achilles is well known hard to kill thanks to his mother giving him an early bath in the River Styx and this is reflected in Mythic. He is basically a tank with 9 wounds and the ability to ignore one wound every attack. Given the difficulty of getting 9s in the first place he is clearly tough to put down. He also has climb which is handy if the big rocks are in play as anti Amazon/Atalanta tech. 7 attacks is also good with misses converting to 1s for insurance.

The problem is that with 4 activations and a speed of 1 he's too slow for the attacking role. Despite his running ( dancing? ) pose he just doesnt get there fastest with the mostest. So far if I am forced by the draw to take him I run him 2 spaces to somewhere central and have him as a sort of WW1 Austrian fleet - a threat in being rather than an actual threat. His initiative ability and general toughness makes opponents think twice before engaging.

I'm also not keen on the pose which seems a bit awkward to me.

Atalanta is probably best known for being a huntress, who successfully drew first blood in the Caledonian Boar hunt, and an athletics cheat who instead of doping herself speared anyone who passed her in a race. Im not sure this is specifically banned by the Olympic committee and may well be practised by Russian runners in future now the doping shenanigans is done. She is also known for not being able to resist a Golden Apple, 3 of which were dropped in a race by Hippomenes thus distracting Atalanta and causing her to lose the race to him. He was then able to claim her as his prize. Better than a medal I assume.

In the game Atalanta is a bit squishy and a bit expensive in terms of AoW cards as both her defensive and offensive abilities rely on AoW cards. Without these she is really not much better than the Amazons and obviously cant be recalled.

On the positive side she does bring an AoW card of her own and has 5 activations. If you pop her on a rock turn one she can pretty much pepper the board. Without a rock she is a cheap oompa lumpa collecter as she is faster than most and only costs 2 points.

Hercules is one of my favourite pieces as he is a guided missile of destruction able to take on both Gods and monsters and do some hurt. With 8 attack and defence and able at no cost to reroll 3 attack dice or force an attacker to reroll 3 attack dice he can dish it out and take it. Additionally he comes with Block which is always great and Mighty Throw. As if this isnt good enough for an AoW card and a handy tree or rubble he can do a massive 2 range area attack!

What's not to like? Well he is like Achilles a 4 activation speed 1 guy. If you commit him early he can be in the wrong place and with just 4 activations might be largely out of the game until the reshuffle1. As a result I keep any Hercules cards in my hand and dont deploy him until i can see where the action is going to be.

At first I couldnt really get to grips with Leonidas and never chose him but that was because I was an idiot. with Phalanx, Bolster, Wall of shields, born leader and guard Leonidas and a couple of nearby troops become very annoying in a symbiotic relationship. Leonidas can take the hit for a better piece with guard benefitting from Phalanx or he can pass an attack on him onto a handy troop unit with wall of shields whilst using Bolster to boost their defence. Additionally he can end his activation by using Leader to activate a troop unit without an AoW card which will then have +2 to its attacks or defence. Critically he also comes with 2 AoW cards and has a handy 6 attacks with a range 1 spear and 7 defence (8 with Phalanx). If I am running Athena then Leonidas and a unit of hoplites or spartans is in the same space!

Lastly but definitely not leastly is Odysseus. Cunning Odysseus. Another Hero who was too clever for me initially but after Hercules is a must now. With 3 AoW cards and a free card draw after every activation he is really there for the card draw but additionally with Leader can make sure he gets the troop unit he wants every activation. With Bolster he can work with Amazons to give them a +1 and use his own mighty bow for a +1 range 2 shot. Finally he can activate any friendly unit in his area without an AoW card. That's any unit not any troop unit. The only downside is 3 activations. Definitely a cool support model.

Well thats it for my trawl through core. Once I complete painting them and get more games under my belt with Pandora's box I shall probably do a similar exercise for them.