AoS/Warhammer Fantasy flashback - Ogres

Travelling back in time to a world that has long been forgotten...Barlaston in 2017 when Pandemic was just a board game and most people would have thought Covid was some sort of wild bird, like a crow possibly.

Anyway here we have an army from that year - Ogre Kingdoms. I was tidying up the gallery section on the website when I came across these monsters and decided that even though I've improved quite a bit since 2017 the minis themselves are worth an outing for Nostalgia.

This big boy was one of 2 stonehorn models in the lot. They were actual beasts with lots of great detail but not to the overdone stage you sometimes get with some GW stuff. They had actual heft to them on a table.

The guts of the army were your basic ogres which would have been a delight to airbrush but sadly for me I was without at the time so all the flesh was handpainted and washed and painted and washed etc etc..

Standard bearers of various units - hugely imaginative miniatures and some of my favourite GW ever.

Tribal tattoos were painted on all the Ogres to break up the acres of skin. I seem to remember trying to keep a cold look with pale flesh and blue grey on all the units except where it was important to distinguish units of the same type then i used a dark red for trousers.

These mercenary Ogres were the exception and i raided the bits boxes and painted some fancy pants to make them stand out as well travelled military contractors to

More Stonehorn goodness. I cant remember if it was an option to have one crewman or whether they came to me with one man missing as the one below had two crew.

Two Ogre crew on this one both wielding basically ballista sized crossbows. I imagine this was both a useful mobile artillery piece and a shock unit.

A Hunter and his pack. I seem to remember the pack was made up of Lord of the Rings Wargs rather than the actual dogs. I think I prefer them as they have a snarly face of evilness.

The Firebelly Ogre shaman type character. This was lots of fun to paint and I remember being quite pleased with the flame reflections on the metallic areas as I had not really painted this at the time and it was quite a challenge.

Ogre Cavalry - there were 6 of these in two squadrons, one with the blue banner and one with a red banner. Looking back on these i'm less impressed with the metals which were GW drybrush and wash method. Its quick and easy but a bit samey.

Ogre artillery pieces, one red trousers and one blue. These were just great pieces. Totally impractical obviously but just such brilliant pieces that stand comparison with anything today.

Leadbelchers - another crime against the laws of physics but great minis, especially the ones that came with added gnoblar. For variety some had older brass barrels whilst some had the latest high tech iron barrels.

This chap came to me as a conversion to be The Butcher I think and so was painted up with some blood spatter and gratuitous gore

Sadly there were no yetis or gorgers in this job as that would have been icing on the cake. Yes i did say icing and also earlier referred to the guts of the army - guilty as charged I like a pun!