An Old Hope - painting update 11

In an effort to actually get my Star Wars Imperial Assault collection painted before I get too old to care I have started randomly picking my crew a week or two ahead of scheduled games (on Vassal) and then painting as much as possible before the game. Below are the Rebels I have managed to get done so far.

Han and Chewbacca - Han is always a good pick in any rebel list and virtually won a game for me single handed a few weeks ago. I say virtually because i was an idiot and forgot i had him standing by an objective for a reason - moved away and lost game.

Chewbacca I have had less good games. In my last game which I actually won for a change he took 7 points of damage from 2 elite HK and decided discretion was the better part of valour fleeing to avoid an 11 point loss late game!

Jedi Like - say no more.

Ct1701 a late era figure and as with other leter figures suffers from power creep and under costing - especially if you draw his command card early doors. Will take out virtually all early black dice minis with one shot and can take two out per turn if lucky.

Leia, great card but meh command card. devastating if used with the likes of Ahsoka as you can run in Ahsoka against a high power enemy that has activated for a strike, then blast with Leia and then get Ahsoka in again.

Echo base troopers, nice goggles...

Alliance Rangers, decent on big maps, chopped up like sushi on small maps!

Diala Passil, rescued by the IACP card that gives her an extra green dice for her light sabre - makes absolute sense as every other light sabre (other than Royal Guard) have 3 dice. Did she have a dodgy second hand Ebay light sabre. Even better with command card to take out the biggest baddies. Slightly clunky figure though.

Always happy to draw Ahsoka - able to teleport in at end of a round and get a second strike start of next before teleporting away again.

Rebel smuggler - good as long as nobody looks at him with a cross face. If they do he falls over. quick though and if a he grabs a four point crate at the end of a round and soaks up a shot job done.

Cheap and a great utility piece for focus and moving - otherwise see smuggler!

Hera - A piece my regular opponent always uses really well and I fail with every time. nice mini though.

Open the doors, stand by the console, stand in front of better pieces - useful but in my hands dead by end turn 2.

Murne Rin - such a great model and so utterly bloody useless...

Mak - the lion headed sniper who never hits anything. In my last game fired 3 times, once with focus and inflicted zero damage. Yep zero. To be honest that's his usual performance. He might be good in a crew picked for synergies but in the random draw format we play he never fails to disappoint.

That's all for now but will add more as I paint them along with my in depth tactical analysis....

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan?"