Malifaux - the Latigo crew

I had heard of Malifaux for many years but had little idea of what type of game it was thinking vaguely it was some sort of Steampunk RPG. It was the figures which I saw expertly painted that drew me in and I bought some figures off Ebay to paint really just to practise a different style of painting to my usual bread and butter of 40k and Bolt Action. The first group of figures included what I now know as the Latigo crew which are a sort of Outlaw Western gang but working for the Law…

This crew is led by the lady in the middle and is made up of her Latino family and are apparently famed Neverborn monster hunters. It’s a shooty type crew which isn’t all that common in Malifaux.

This is Perdita Latigo – which I think means ‘little girl lost’ in Spanish and she basically bosses the crew and shoots like a machine gun. The ‘lost’ element seems to suggest she has some link to the Neverborn she hunts and her pet is the enslaved Neverborn by her side. I suspect ongoing plot reveals in future…

Second in command is Francisco who has some cool abilities and good melee which means he is often drafted by other Guild crews. The Guild being the proto fascist colonist power which rules the human parts of Malifaux.

Next is Santiago who appears less frequently, presumably as players value him less for his points cost. Good model though. Appearing here next to a guild rifleman who provides some longer range kapow.

There are a number of lesser Latigos including Nino with a sort of machine gun rifle who can help stop enemy figures achieving their aims as well as good shooting. Papa Loco who can be used as a suicide bomber or to hand out buffs to other Latigos, and Santana Latigo who appears to be constantly blowing holes in Zombies.

This basic crew can be rounded out with pistoleros and even Abuela Latigo but I don’t have these models…yet. I do however have Miss Terious, a female Death Marshall and atrocious pun. Like the other Death Marshalls she has a magical coffin for imprisoning baddies but as she is female does not have the glowy flamey face of the other Death Marshalls. She is probably meant for the Lady Justice crew but they await painting.