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Malifaux - Lilith

In a typical misalignment in my timing I have just entered the world of Malifaux and painted up a Lilith crew just in time for her to disappear storywise from the plot….. although to be honest as I will never play a tournament it makes no difference whatsoever to me and I will continue to lose running the Nicole Kidman lookalike Lilith. Check the interweb if you don’t believe me. So here is my initial Lilith gang plus Nekima who was absent for the group photo.

If you are here hoping for tactical insight you are definitely in the wrong place, I’m a newbie and pretty rubbish as well. As I said previously these Malifaux figures are my personal treat between painting Bolt Action and 40k commissions, a change of style and tempo.

I like to use crews as close to the theme as possible both for fluff and aesthetic reasons and despite an unbroken record of defeats so far will continue to do so convinced that if I play a bit better I will get the wins. As with all the crews I am building they will share a common base style which will be both factional and crew based so here the bases are made using the greenstuffworld Cthulu roller and coloured purple/green. The Pandora crew I am currently painting will have the same roller but be purple and blue.

Lilith – mother of monsters Here is the girl herself with 2 of the three Terror Tots I have. This crew with the Black Blood Shaman and/or upgrades can in the right circumstances convert Nephilim including Terror Tots upwards into young Nephilim and even Mature Nephilim. The Terror tots are also useful Scheme runners I believe using Sprint.

Nekima I am yet to use Nekima as I’ve only just painted her but her miniature is pretty cool and she looks happy to rip your throat out so that’s good…

Barbaros Another miniature I am failing to use properly so far who’s most interesting feature to date is that he appears to be left handed in reality but right handed on the box art and 3d design picture on the rear of the box… To date his greatest achievements in my less than capable hands were killing Nino Latigo after I forgot I was supposed to take him prisoner and slaughtering Papa Loco with deleterious effects all round.

Currently thinking that even though its my fault he has been useless, I’m seriously considering benching him for Nekima. He’s kind of like a star striker who isn’t getting the service and gets blamed for the team losing…

Young Nephilim These have some good combat stats and can fly which is cool. They can also upgrade to mature Nephilim with some Neverborn shenanigans which will be great when I finally manage it. One of mine came without a head which has been replaced with another Demonic type head as you can see. I am keeping a blue green skin tone for all the Nephilim including Barbaros as a way to tie in with Lilith’s sword and cloak. The human head has been done slightly more vivid than reality to set off the Nephilim colour while the beheader is sat on a pice of 40k street furniture that was in the bits box

Malifaux Cupid and Black Blood Shaman So both potentially useful I imagine…in the hands of somebody semi competent. In my defence I put the Shaman in the woods on the assumption that with those bloody great wings he could fly. Instead of which he just dragged his wings through the brambles for 3 turns arriving at the fight in time to do absolutely bloody nothing and then dying. Next time…

In summary I like the theme and the relationships between the miniatures. The potential for really clever coordinated play is there and hopefully with a few more games I will start being less of a numpty and do them justice. I will have the mature Nephilim painted in the next few days I hope and maybe he will give me the punch I need to kill that danged Perdita!

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